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PathFinder Digital's BAT-750 Series Mobile SatCom System


.75 Meter FlyAway
Ku - Band
Antenna System

PathFinder's BAT Systems are Custom Case-Based Flyaway Auto-Acquisition Transportable VSAT (MVSAT) SatCom Terminals designed for specific higher data rate applications utilizing equipment such as the Network Centric Waveform (NCW) modem and typical L-Band Modems.

The BAT-750 is prewired to accept the NCW modem, MIL-STD 188-165A compliant FDMA Modem, and is capable of interfacing with L-band modems.  When configured with an L-3 MPM-1000 NCW Modem, any NCW modem or any MIL-STD 188-165A compliant FDMA Modem, the BAT-750 will communicate with currently fielded Army WIN-T Increment 1 communications hubs, or Trojan NCW hubs deployed worldwide.

** PathFinder Digital's BAT-750, BAT-850, and BAT-1214 products are patented; US Patent No. 8,867,986


BAT-750 SatCom Antenna System:

Features Include:

  • .75 Meter Auto-Acquisition Ku-Band SatCom System
  • Single Case Solution
  • Includes the BAT-CASE-750, a custom integrated BUC/LNB Power Supply Unit with Antenna Controller
  • Ku-Band BUC, Conus & Extended LNBs
  • RF Jumper Cables and Connector Adapters

Single Case Solution.

All components packed within the single case.
The BAT-750 SatCom Antenna System remains fully assembled at all times.  There is no requirement to assemble any antenna components prior to deployment; nor is there a need to disassemble any antenna components prior to stowing for transport.  Deployment is as simple as pressing a green button on the base of the antenna for the system to locate and acquire the satellite of use once power is applied and communication cables are connected.


The BAT-CASE-750 is a lightweight transit cased system that integrates the Antenna Controller and the custom BUC/LNB Power Supply Unit (PSU) into a single package.


PathFinder's nControl PC Based GUI for the BAT Antenna Systems:


PathFinder Digital's nControl is a very intuitive, easy to use, graphical user interface (GUI) for use with PathFinder's BAT line of SatCom Systems.

nControl is a PC application that can run on any PC and simply plugs in to the serial Comm port of the BAT systems BAT-CASE / indoor controller unit.



PathFinder Digital BAT-750

.75 Meter Small Aperture Auto-Acquisition Terminal

Each Terminal System consists of the following items:

BAT-750 Case Based FlyAway MVSAT Antenna System to include:

  • Single hard Case Solution
  • 3 Axis Cable Drive Positioner
  • 89 X 66 cm Offset Fed Single Piece Reflector
  • 2-Port Ku-Band Linear Feed to accommodate 10.75 GHz - 14.5 GHz Transmit & 11.0 GHz to
    12.75 GHz receive
  • One-button auto-acquisition fully automatic satellite acquisition, peaking, and cross-pol
    adjustment. Certified for auto-commissioning on select services. Includes controller display,
    power supply, and World Wide Software.
  • Antenna Controller Interconnect Cables
  • Feed Boom BUC Mounting

TX-RX-RF-Kit: Communications Electronics Kit to Include:

  • Ku-Band BUC. Extended Ku-Band Range compact & lightweight for feed boom mounting on the .75 meter antenna system.

Custom System Cabling and Interface Ports: Custom L-Band interface and sample ports on base of antenna assembly.

BAT-CASE-750: PathFinder custom lightweight case enclosure for the integration of the BUC /
LNB Power Supply and Antenna Control Unit. Integrated case unit includes the following:

  • Custom PathFinder BAT-750 BUC / LNB Power Supply Unit
  • Auto-Acquisition Antenna Control Unit
  • Custom Interface Connectors for AC input, antenna controller, TX, and RX
  • Internal Filtering & forced air ventilation

Accessory Kit: Miscellaneous accessories to include the following items:

  • Low loss jumper cables, 50 ohm Connector Adapter Kit, Tie Down Straps

System Integration: Integration and test of complete terminal system to include:

  • Project Management / Vendor Management
  • Installation / Integration of components on antenna system
  • Integration of all components in the BAT-CASE-750
  • Complete System Test

Data Sheets:

Support Information

Detailed suppport documentation, software upgrades, code upgrades, and information of the like can be found in the SUPPORT pages of this web site. The SUPPORT area of this web site is secure and requires authentication to enter.



GSA Schedule Contract GS-35F-0014X