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PathFinder Digital's BAT-750 Series Mobile SatCom System


.75 Meter FlyAway
Ku - Band
Antenna System

PathFinder's BAT Systems are Custom Case-Based Flyaway Auto-Acquisition Transportable VSAT (MVSAT) SatCom Terminals designed for specific higher data rate applications utilizing equipment such as the Network Centric Waveform (NCW) modem and typical L-Band Modems.

The BAT-750 is prewired to accept the NCW modem, MIL-STD 188-165A compliant FDMA Modem, and is capable of interfacing with L-band modems.  When configured with an L-3 MPM-1000 NCW Modem, any NCW modem or any MIL-STD 188-165A compliant FDMA Modem, the BAT-750 will communicate with currently fielded Army WIN-T Increment 1 communications hubs, or Trojan NCW hubs deployed worldwide.

** PathFinder Digital's BAT-750, BAT-850, and BAT-1214 products are patented; US Patent No. 8,867,986


BAT-750 SatCom Antenna System:

Features Include:

  • .75 Meter Auto-Acquisition Ku-Band SatCom System
  • Single Case Solution
  • Includes the BAT-CASE-750, a custom integrated BUC/LNB Power Supply Unit with Antenna Controller
  • Ku-Band BUC, Conus & Extended LNBs
  • RF Jumper Cables and Connector Adapters

Single Case Solution.

All components packed within the single case.
The BAT-750 SatCom Antenna System remains fully assembled at all times.  There is no requirement to assemble any antenna components prior to deployment; nor is there a need to disassemble any antenna components prior to stowing for transport.  Deployment is as simple as pressing a green button on the base of the antenna for the system to locate and acquire the satellite of use once power is applied and communication cables are connected.


The BAT-CASE-750 is a lightweight transit cased system that integrates the Antenna Controller and the custom BUC/LNB Power Supply Unit (PSU) into a single package.


PathFinder's nControl PC Based GUI for the BAT Antenna Systems:


PathFinder Digital's nControl is a very intuitive, easy to use, graphical user interface (GUI) for use with PathFinder's BAT line of SatCom Systems.

nControl is a PC application that can run on any PC and simply plugs in to the serial Comm port of the BAT systems BAT-CASE / indoor controller unit.



PathFinder Digital BAT-750

.75 Meter Small Aperture Auto-Acquisition Terminal

Each Terminal System consists of the following items:

BAT-750 Case Based FlyAway MVSAT Antenna System to include:

  • Single hard Case Solution
  • 3 Axis Cable Drive Positioner
  • 89 X 66 cm Offset Fed Single Piece Reflector
  • 2-Port Ku-Band Linear Feed to accommodate 10.75 GHz - 14.5 GHz Transmit & 11.0 GHz to
    12.75 GHz receive
  • One-button auto-acquisition fully automatic satellite acquisition, peaking, and cross-pol
    adjustment. Certified for auto-commissioning on select services. Includes controller display,
    power supply, and World Wide Software.
  • Antenna Controller Interconnect Cables
  • Feed Boom BUC Mounting

TX-RX-RF-Kit: Communications Electronics Kit to Include:

  • Ku-Band BUC. Extended Ku-Band Range compact & lightweight for feed boom mounting on the .75 meter antenna system.

Custom System Cabling and Interface Ports: Custom L-Band interface and sample ports on base of antenna assembly.

BAT-CASE-750: PathFinder custom lightweight case enclosure for the integration of the BUC /
LNB Power Supply and Antenna Control Unit. Integrated case unit includes the following:

  • Custom PathFinder BAT-750 BUC / LNB Power Supply Unit
  • Auto-Acquisition Antenna Control Unit
  • Custom Interface Connectors for AC input, antenna controller, TX, and RX
  • Internal Filtering & forced air ventilation

Accessory Kit: Miscellaneous accessories to include the following items:

  • Low loss jumper cables, 50 ohm Connector Adapter Kit, Tie Down Straps

System Integration: Integration and test of complete terminal system to include:

  • Project Management / Vendor Management
  • Installation / Integration of components on antenna system
  • Integration of all components in the BAT-CASE-750
  • Complete System Test
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GSA Schedule Contract GS-35F-0014X